Quick locking stitch markers (set)


Quick locking stitch markers are a great way to mark, for example, the start and end points of a knit, points of narrowing and patterning or other significant points. Lockable and unlockable stitch markers can be attached not only to the needle but also to the finished knitted fabric. Clover’s quick locking stitch markers can be used both locked and unlocked. Thanks to their design, they are easy to slip into a loop and don’t fall out even when open. The set includes an assortment of stitch markers in a handy storage box.

The set contains 36 stitches in total. The set includes:

  • quick locking stitch marker S (10 pieces)
  • quick locking stitch marker M (20 pieces)
  • quick locking stitch marker L (6 pieces)
  • storage box

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