Plywood Yarn Guard for embroidery knitwear, wood-coloured

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The Plywood Yarn Guard has been developed according to the wishes of those who knit embroidery knitwear. The embroidery yarn guard has four holes in the lid opened from the edge and the box section has corresponding sections for each yarn collection. This keeps the yarns organized and they don’t get messy when knitting embroidery. There is room above the crosshair for an unfinished knit. The yarn guard can also be used for four separate knitting jobs, in which case each work can be neatly placed in its own compartment. The distribution grid is removable to create a uniform space even for larger work. The height of the distribution grid is approx. 15 cm, leaving 5 cm of ‘free space’ between the deck and the truss, for example, for storing work.

The handle of the handle option is made of leather and its width is 3.5cm. The yarn guard is available with or without handle.

Whole: Large: diameter 38.5 cm, height 23 cm, interior height 20 cm

Finish: From the outside, hand-punched twice with semi-gloss translucent water-borne furniture varnish, so that the fine grain pattern of birch plywood shines as a shape through the surface treatment