Plaids with Knot -pants (knitting pattern)


The Plaids with Knot is a stylish, Scottish-inspired tie for the chilly days of autumn or waking spring. The guide uses a range of knitting techniques to minimise the need for piecing and sewing, so you can forget about awkward seam alignments and needle work. The end result is beautiful and finished.

Sizes: 50-53 (54-57) 58-61
Finished work circumference: approx. 43 (50) 54 cm without stretching and without watering
Height: 11(12)12 cm
Needles and crochet hook:
3.5 mm round stick, minimum 80 cm
3.5 mm or thinner round stick as an auxiliary stick
3.5 crochet hook
Knitting density: 24s/33 rows / 10 cm patterned needles

Yarn 1, Fingering -firm yarn
Main colour 27(34)40 g or at least 135(170)200 m
Contrast 4(5)6 g or at least 20(25)30 m
Recommendation Knitting for Olive Merino or Knitting for Olive Cotton Merino 250m/50g
Finnish alternative Jalovilla Vuona 205m/50g

Yarn 2, Lace – strong yarn
Main colour 15(19)23 g or 135(170)200 m
Contrast colour 3(4)4 g or 20(25)30 m
Recommendation Knitting for Olive Soft Silk Mohair 225m/25g

You will also need about 60 cm of yarn for the provisional cast on.

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