Downtown Gloves (knitting pattern)


Downtown gloves are style-conscious adult gloves that are perfect for dressier outdoor wear, as well as for a casual Sunday stroll.
The fingering needles are knitted with worsted and lace yarns together for a warm, soft and durable finish. The palm is knitted alongside the Indian thumbnails. The opening of the small groove has been lowered, which improves the fit considerably. The fingers are knitted with their own stitch counts, so the glove is wonderfully sturdy.
The looping of the rubber thread on the wrong side ensures stability in the hand, so the glove doesn’t slip. The shaped crease adds an extra touch of elegance compared to the more conventional design.

Sizes: woman (man)
Needles: 3,5 mm sock needles
Heavy merino – Knitting for Olive (50 g = 125 m), or other worsted weight yarn:
Female: 50 g / 125 m / 1 ball Note: The female size just barely got one ball. Depending on your hand size, you may need a second round.
Male: 100 g /~ 200 m / just under 2 collections
Soft silk mohair – Knitting for Olive (25 g = 225 m),
or other lace-weight fluffy yarn: 15 (20) g / 1 skein
In addition:
Sewable rubber thread, a sewing needle and scissors

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