Our small yarn store is located online and also in Vantaa Varisto at Martinkyläntie 67, 01720 Vantaa (just off Vihdintie). In the same yard you can find e.g. Horze hobby shop and CandyTown. The drive to the yard is from Martinkylänti Road. There is nice parking space in the yard.

The entrance to our store is from the front yard. Around the middle of the building (right next to the Bike Shop) you will find a door, where you enter and go up the stairs to the second floor, where you will find our shop 🙂

The store is also easily accessible by bus. There is a bus stop (Sarkapolku) right in front of our store (Martinkyläntiete). In addition, the Vihdintie stop (Ainontie) is only about 200 metres away.

The store is open as follows:

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays 16-18
  • saturdays 11-15


Feedback from customers:

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  2. Erittäin nopea toimitus