Knitting for Olive

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Knitting for Olive yarns are of guaranteed Danish quality.

We have the following Knitting for Oliven yarns in our selection:

Compatible Cashmere (lace)
CottonMerino (fingering)
Heavy Merino (worsted)
Merino (fingering)
Pure Silk (fingering)
Soft Silk Mohair (lace)

Merino, CottonMerino and Pure Silk can be combined with Soft Silk Mohair to give a lovely soft and slightly fluffier knit. Many Knitting for Olive cardigans have used this beautiful and pleasant-feeling combination.

Soft Silk Mohair can be substituted with Compatible Cashmere. Double knitting Compatible Cashmer is the equivalent of merino.

We also have Knitting for Olive knitting guides in our selection. The knitting instructions are in English, but they are very clear and include links to technique videos, so we can recommend them even to those who knit a little less. We strongly encourage you to try knitting from English knitting patterns – you’ll soon find that they’ll be great to knit from and will open up the world of knitting patterns to a whole new dimension. You can read our tips on knitting patterns in English here.

Cashmere yarns

Knitting for Olive Compatible Cashmere



Knitting for Olive Merino



Knitting for Olive Pure Silk


Knitting for Olive

Knitting for Olive Heavy Merino


Knitting for Olive

Knitting for Olive Soft Silk Mohair


Cotton yarns

Knitting for Olive CottonMerino